Why I Love B and Q Tradepoint



B & Q Order No67662441

So fitted this lovely set of taps (1st picture for B&Q staff) and there is a hole in the casting, not in the 3 places you expect but in the centre of the mixer unit supplied by Cooke and Lewis.

Visit the store and have to buy again as can’t take the old one off till new one has arrived (now paid twice)

Will be delivered in a week from 10/1/2014

B&Q text me twice to say to expect my order on the Friday wait in all day

Saturday telephone they are now out of stock so will deliver on the 23rd

Today I take delivery of two corner ends for a melamine Worktop which is Phil Cowels order no78381 but on his ticket it says he wanted taps as well?

So today I ring Jane who was very sorry but she does not pick the orders, she leaves this to another less competent member of staff!

Jane is not interested in Phil’s order as the system only allows her to deal with one order number.

My taps are now out of stock again, probably because Phil has them instead of his corner ends!

My taps will be delivered on the 30th! (Confident?)

Jane at this point does not ask if there is anything else she can help me with today.

Jane arranges for Phil’s corner ends to be collected on the 30th Jan (Sorry Phil) whether you wanted taps or corner joints you might have to sit this one out.

My question is does anyone on the internet Know Phil Cowell of postcode TN23 4HQ please like and share my story as I think Phil and I have a lot in common and would love to meet up!

Does anyone else have a B&Q story? If so please share in comments.

Thanks Wayne


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