Stop Press – Oaks Barn Farm Tree Planting Success

Free Trees

Oaks Barn Farm In Partnership with the Woodland Trust & Inkberrow Young Farmers, are pleased to announce that they have been successful in their application to the Woodland Trust to plant trees to enhance the Training Site for the Inkberrow Young Farmers Tug of War Team.

The Current Chair Jess Sykes and Sally Davis Of Inkberrow Young Farmers Said “Wayne and Sue have hosted the Inkberrow Young Farmers Tug of War Team for the last 3 years and this is a great opportunity for us to put something back. The trees will be there as a lasting legacy for many years to come”.

The Trees will be planted shortly after arrival in November, the planting Event will be posted via Facebook and shared through our Page:

The application and its success will significantly impact on the Farm reducing its carbon footprint as well as attracting local wild life, not just the Tug Of War Team!

Trees are vital in helping keep our natural environment healthy and functioning. They provide habitat for wildlife plus food and materials for people, alongside many other less visible benefits. The Tree planting fits perfectly into the Farms Green Plan and enables us to continue to support the Young Farmers and the good work they achieve within the wider community.


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