Top 10 Tips For The Perfect Holiday Experience

Making your holiday count and being one to remember for all the good bits is easier than you think, I say this a little tongue in cheek for it is not me who spends hours trawling through trip advisor reviews to find yet another perfect destination but Sue.

Holidays away from our own holiday destination are evermore important for in the same way as we look after our guests when we go away we to are looking for that same level of attention to detail.

Time away from the farm is a must do if we are to remain fresh for our guests, open to new opportunities and able to continue to develop the farm achieving a memorable Farm Stay Experience for all.

The devil really is in the detail, ordering food in for livestock, checking that all have water and enough fresh pasture for the time we are away. That sheep are dragged wormed and treated for fly strike, then to the vegetable patch and Polly tunnel lawns and formal garden areas all competing equally for our time, so is it any wonder that on the morning of departure that our holiday seems quite surreal.

See our farm Stay Listing

1. Do not be complacent with travel documentation, yes we to have arrived at the airport with the wrong passport.

2. As well as listing the farm on Trip advisor, we to use the same as our own filter for avoiding some of the worst destinations, be aware however of habitual complainers, anyone writing more than a 3 paragraph review, which strays away from the positive into a negative rant, can be the early indication of someone who does not get out very much or is more probably one of life’s natural victims, and that being so will probably be sitting on the plane next to you returning to the same destination.

3. Book early or hold your nerve, from our own experience panic booking rarely gets you the best price, best location or best level of service so if you are booking late for that elusive deal, have 5 options carefully chosen.

4. Have a few good friends, we have Jackie and Ian a lovely like minded couple who we met in Egypt who both shared a obscure sense of humour enjoyed by Sue and I, we know that Jackie searches for hours making sure that their destination is next to perfect, so we would be happy to use their recommendation after they have been to check it out first!

5. This is an important one for us, you have one life, live it! Don’t let others sow the seed of doubt that you are always on holiday, you’ve only just comeback with phrases like where are you going this time.

6. Don’t pay a premium for a beach and then spend the whole time by the pool, often facilities can be better from hotels not directly on the coast.

7. Try for selecting where best to go to get the best weather for the time of year you wish to but love holidays gives the trip advisor reviews star ratings and gives more competitive prices. Also use Trip Advisor to tell you the ranking of your chosen hotel for the area.

8. E111 cards, don’t forget them, keep them with your passports, they only cover you in Europe, cheap holiday insurance is not always the best cover check the small print.

9. Know where you are going have a full address, google maps is great for this. Finding a destination in the dark is hard enough in your own country let alone in an unfamiliar one.

10. Enjoy, Don’t forget to relax, after all that’s what you spent all your time planning for.

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