Latest Guest Review of Oaks Barn Farm

Hi Sue & Wayne,

Hope you’re all well. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since we left
the farm and came back to Dubai; it feels as though we’ve been back in the
Dubai oven for ages!

I wanted to drop you a note to say a proper thank you from all of us for
giving us such a wonderful time during our stay. We all had a brilliant
time and we’re pining now for Oaks Barn Farm and all that goes with it.

We’ve been in Dubai for 10 years now (shocking how time flies!) and have
been coming to the UK for our summer hols in various family configurations
every year. We’ve honestly never stayed anywhere as nice as Oaks Barn Farm
and we really appreciate everything you do to make it such a great place to
stay. The Coach House is gorgeous – really comfortable, beautifully
maintained (I really did think it was new when I first saw it) and so
thoughtfully equipped. What you’ve created on the farm is a little idyll
and it was pure pleasure to stay there.

Thank you especially for being SO kind to the children. They loved every
minute they were there and can’t wait to come back. They adored “helping”
around the place and you were both incredibly kind and patient with them.
They learnt loads too – it was absolutely brilliant! Daniel has now decided
on a career change (he’s wanted to be a policeman for years so he can
arrest people…) and is planning on being a farmer – picture attached to
this e-mail of his pipedream. Emma is pining for Jimmy and Jess. She’s
consoling herself with our dog, Spotty, who is fortunately more than happy
to soak up the extra attention but is at risk of having her fur stroked
away if this goes on much longer!

Hope all is well with you and Dan. Give Jimmy and Jess a kiss from us.

We’ll be in touch again soon to make a booking for next year!

Helen, Clive, Emma & Daniel




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