The Perfect Farm Stay Experience Our Secrets Revealed

The Idea
From the outset, we wanted our guests to experience first hand the Farm and its enchanting rural surrounding that we ourselves have fallen in love with.

The idea had to come from somewhere, the ideals portrayed in The Darling Buds of May, with Pop and Ma Larkin with their indulgence in simplicity and opportunity, through to the trials and tribulations of The Good Life enjoyed by Tom and Barbara.

So could we do it? Could we create the perfect farm stay experience allowing guests to enjoy life on a farm the taste of self sufficiency and a level of comfort and experience which would see them come back time after time to re live their experience whilst at the same time not losing sight of the peace and tranquility we had created in our little piece of England? We would give it our best shot.

Making Beds Work For You
The basis of all vacations from our own experience is that a good nights sleep is the difference between enjoying every minute and counting the hours till you could return home to your own bed and the haven of its comfort.

To this end the beds have to work for us just as hard as we would work in all other aspects of the farm, so we set about finding a supplier to achieve this, after much searching and checking every mattress and bed, we finally settled on a local supplier, The Bed Man of Redditch, a mid range pocket sprung mattress with quality topper form Dunelm the beds were oak framed for quality and durability with a central support bar. The link with this supplier has followed through all of our bed purchases for both the business and our own home with the best accolade being one of our guests using the bed man to repeat their experience when returning home.

Making Children Happy
Central to every family stay we deliberately set about helping children explore and discover the farm safely allowing parents to relax. With the simple premiss if the children are happy the parents will follow.

Green Guests
Not in colour but in their outlook, part of our farming culture necessitates adaptation of materials repurposing of redundant equipment and with a workshop welder and angle grinder most things are possible, but we wanted more so have gone about embedding a green strategy within our business which has led to generation of our own power on the farm through sustainable wood sources in order to neutralise as much as possible the impact of travel on our environment.

Animal Husbandry
The polite way of describing anything from mucking out to assisting with birthing of lambs and piglets, children and older children (parents under any other name) love this and central to every guest experience is providing the opportunity to embrace the challenge of daily life on the farm.

Eggs for Breakfast
The joy of seeing the delight of children presenting their parents with warm eggs from under one of our hens (without breaking one) is second to none.

Running Sheep
Having well trained sheep is central to success, no one deals with failure well and an early lesson is that with enough helpers and a good briefing sheep will do anything for food.

Picking Mushrooms
The joy of the seasons shifting change presents a wealth of opportunity, having a flexible plan and an infinite job list lends itself to everything from cherry picking in July through mushroom picking in October to making snowmen during March.

Enough Space for All
One distinct advantage we have on the farm, and an abundance of is space so creating private spaces for guests to enjoy is important for them and for us. We have spent time and effort in establishing outdoor cooking and food preparation areas to enjoy as weather permits a full outdoor dining experience.

I Don’t Like Dogs, Can We Have One Mom
Our little Dog jimmy has a sad face which he has learnt to use to his advantage where food leftovers are concerned. The concept of taking Jimmy for a walk without a lead is as alien to them as is the thought of jimmy being limited to a 1.3metre piece of leather rather than the run of the farm.


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