Well Stocked Larder

In these days of consumerism it is hard to reflect on what hunger really means and to go without is a term that many of us today can relate only to having to wait a little longer.

There is however something reassuring about having a full larder, something quantifiable, reliable, a backup plan if things go wrong.

Our reliance on electricity has meant that fridges and freezers allow us to graze all year round on the fruits of the summer rather than appreciate fully what each season has to offer.

On the farm our latest batch of Jam and Jelly comprises 8 pots of Blackcurrant Jam, 10 pots of Redcurrant and 6 Redcurrant and Mint Jelly.


This year the jam was made using solar electricity in its entirety with no drain on the National Grid

The potato harvest has been fruitful this year with little loss to wire worm and none of the dreaded blight.



Storage comes in the form of a recycled feed bag and if left in a cool place should see us through till christmas without too many losses.

So what if we had to grow all of the food we eat, would we be less wasteful, more creative with leftovers? And would portion control arise out of necessity?

If the seasons meant more to us than simply when to book the next holiday, and more about “making hay while the sun shines” to restock the livestock larder in readiness to make it through the winter, we to might find more satisfaction and achievement through the simplicity of getting back to our roots.



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