What guests leave behind

Whilst thinking about the many items that guests leave behind following their stay with us my mind wanders to the funny stories that we must each have inside of us about things that we to have missplaced forgotten or have strategically left behind whilst on holliday.

The run of the mill stuff has included a cat which we had to post back (not a live one) but a child’s favourite toy, guess that some of you will be cunjouring up thoughts of a child playing with a dead cat? No? Maybe it is just late…

A hot water bottle which cost more to post back than its actual value

A passport, one of our austrailian guests had hidden their passport under a set of draws, and upon leaving realised half way to London and had to return for it.

iPod chargers a favourite of mine one can never have enough of these.

Most recently a pumpkin, 20lbs of carved decaying flesh now experiencing a breakdown in our compost bin.

Food, we hate to see good food go to waste and to this end encourage recycling whether it be for the chickens, sheep, dogs or us often guests over buy and it is always best if you can’t take it with you then ask if your host can make use of it.

Whilst on holiday in Turkey we found a perfectly good Lilo left by the poolside on changeover day, at least that’s how Sue explained it to me, I had visions of a small child being chastised for leaving an item of such value unattended.

My list could go on and will, I am sure grow with time, if you have something strange of funy to add or if you lost a Lilo to a lovely couple in Turkey this year you could let yourselves be known to us so post a comment on what you have left behind or found……………


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