Lambs go to new pastures green

Field fencing now complete on Priory Piece, lambs love their new home, but so do the dandelions following this wet but warm spell.

Wild flower sowing in orchard tomorrow, following a visit to Coughton Court at the weekend, where they have used bays of mown grass between the trees in the orchard to set aside bands of wild flower lush grass meadow to flourish. Adopting this practice will reduce our fuel consumption by 50% for the orchard whilst increasing pollination for future years.

Cherry tree in full blossom, just love this time of year on the farm.

14 lambs to date with 1 ewe holding on, for those that know seven our hand reared ewe, she has one of the best looking lambs this season.

Brian our tup is destined for market some time soon, and new blood will need to be sought for next year.


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